What is N2Generate?

N2Generate is the product formerly known as “HCGenerate.” It’s designed to be used by guys taking anabolic steroids, prohormones, and/or SARMS during their cycle and/or with their post cycle therapy (PCT).

The product is formulated so that it can be used during a steroid cycle, so that your natural testosterone production is not as suppressed going into PCT. It’s also taken during post-cycle therapy with ancillary drugs to help you recover faster — all while making you feel great the whole way through.

The bottle contains 150 capsules. You should take 5 capsules per day with food and water.

N2Generate is only meant to work on your natural testosterone production, libido, and reproductive functions. It does not contain any ingredients to help your body deal with toxicity to the liver or other organs. If you need that kind of cycle support, then you’ll need something more along the lines of N2Guard.


Who uses N2Generate?

Steroid users, guys on Prohormones, and those experimenting with SARMS or Peptides. Basically, anybody who’s worried about their use of performance enhancement drugs (PEDs) messing with their libido or reproductive functions.

The number #1 fear of most guys is not being able to perform well for her in bed. N2Generate is the right product to stack with your performance-enhancement cycle to make sure you never have to worry about the PEDs affecting you down there.

This product was first introduced in 2010. It quickly gained a loyal following among those steroid users who took it during their cycle and post-cycle therapy. Many users of the product posted on internet forums across the world, reporting how successful their cycles were while using N2Generate. So, N2Generate became a great word-of-mouth product that’s loved by every serious athlete who uses performance-enhancing drugs.

What ingredients are in N2Generate?

Before even taking N2Generate, the first thing everyone notices is that it comes in quite a big bottle, containing 150 capsules packed heavy with ingredients. The bottle is meant to last 30 days, and you have to take 5 capsules per day for a total of some 3,200mg of active ingredients per day. This is a big bottle with a heavy formula.

Below is the full supplement facts panel for you to check out.

When you hold this product in your hand, you can tell right away that this isn’t your typical, little-bottle testosterone booster that’s available in any supplement store. Those generic T-boosters are for the small, natural guys who need a little help down there.

N2Generate looks just like a serious cycle-support product that chemically enhanced athletes rely on for support. The product contains high doses of very powerful and high-quality ingredients.  The weights of the ingredients in the formula are magnified well beyond what you can get at your local shop. Below are links to the different descriptions for each ingredient in the formula, so that you can research them further.

Vitamin E

Zinc (Zinc Amino Acid Chelate)

Fadogia Agrestis Stem

Fenugreek Extract

3, 4 -Divanillytetrahydrofuran

Tribulus Terrestris

Tongkat  Ali Root Extract (100:1)

Where to buy N2Generate today?

N2Generate is, for now, still legal for purchase over the counter in the USA and across most of the world. The place to get the best deal is direct from the manufacturer’s website. Just go to the N2BM Store by clicking here.

You can also purchase the product from Amazon.com and use your prime account to have it shipped quickly.

If you are in the European Union and want to have N2Generate delivered quickly with no customs issues in Europe, then just order it here from our only European retailer by clicking here.

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